You purchased a brand new vehicle for a reason, right? Why wouldn’t you want to keep it looking new, and protect your investment? Our new car preservation’s focus is to apply protection to all your vehicle’s surfaces and lock in that new car look. When a vehicle is brand new is the best time to apply protection. The vehicle will first undergo a very gentle, yet thorough 2 bucket hand wash to remove dirt and road grime. The vehicle is then clay barred to remove any imbedded contaminants, or overspray. The paint undergoes a light to medium polish to remove defects in the paint, and bring the gloss level to it’s maximum potential. (Yes even brand new cars).

Even if the vehicle has a minimum amount of scratches, light polishing must be carried to thoroughly clean & prep the surface before applying protection. After polishing is complete, all exterior surfaces are wiped clean with IPA and ceramic coating protection is applied to the paint, glass, wheels and plastics (trim). The interior receives a light vacuum, light cleaning with all purpose cleaner, and then UV protection is applied to all plastics and dash. Fabric protection is applied to all floormats and floors. Interior glass and door jambs are cleaned meticulously. Your brand new vehicle is protected from the elements bumper to bumper now and ready to hit the road!

Cars $600-$1000
Trucks $800-$1400